Nestled on the edge of a gorge in Greece, Παρατηρητήριο stands as a testament to the dreams of an American-Thai family spanning three generations. The grandfather, inspired by his mother’s love for Greece, envisioned a haven—a meeting point for a family scattered across the globe.


This architectural venture involved delicately connecting two independent buildings that had stood side by side for centuries. The structures, perched on the gorge’s edge, underwent meticulous stabilisation and rejuvenation. Local heritage materials were used, seamlessly blending the new with the old. The surrounding land, with its steep slope, was transformed into an integrated external space, connecting indoor and outdoor living.


Inside, Παρατηρητήριο tells a story of cultural fusion. Thai references mingle with the Mani aesthetic, as symbolic materials breathe life into each space. Waxed concrete floors, bronze, reclaimed walnut bed backs, and handcrafted Moroccan zelige tiles add character to the interiors.


The Sterna pool, a modern oasis within the original water reservoir, adds a unique touch to the project. Meanwhile, the house’s vibrant India Yellow façade, a nod to its history, stands as a recognizable landmark in the village of Isna.


Παρατηρητήριο embodies more than architecture; it unfolds as a humble narrative of family bonds, cultural connections, and a tribute to diversity—a story etched in the walls of a gorge-side retreat in Greece.