Interior Design Peloponnese Greece

The Coffee Shop


Completed by Eleni Tsigarida and Aiolou Architects in 2015 in Pigi, this family property now belongs to a generation that, in its majority, lives abroad from Greece and returns to the village of Losna (Pigi) to reunite during the summer holidays.

The restoration of the property is intentionally designed to cater for this international cross-generational get-together, just as the original village café used to welcome the locals who gathered in the front room.

The property develops on two levels that have very different characters, reflecting the original segregated areas of community and family space.

Downstairs (old café) houses living areas and is arranged around the porch area that overlooks the upper village square while upstairs was designed around a big courtyard with the most amazing views down to the seafront. The space upstairs was remodeled to sleep as many as 6 people while a second sitting room was created with the astounding views down to the seafront as well as a balcony that oversees the entrance square.

The style of the house was tailored to merge the traditional and local feeling of the village houses with the cosmopolitan references that the younger returning generation brought. This combination of traditional materials and the more modern, minimal furniture and kitchen design have combined to produce an astonishing unique final result.